Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Improving performance of dynamic programming algorithms wih applications in bioinformatics and string matching for cyber attacks using programmable SOC platforms    Ph.D    valizadeh, mahdi    0000-00-00
2    Reliability prediction of WBAN using Monte Carlo Simulation    M.Sc.    farzane, sadegh    2011-01-12
3    Reliability analysis of integrated circuit interconnect under dynamic temperature stress considering timing errors    M.Sc.    Hadiyan, Moien    2011-01-12
4    Low noise leakage immune domino circuit design for wide fan-in gates    M.Sc.    ,    2011-03-20
5    Maintenance planning of power plants in restructured power systems    M.Sc.    Foroughi, Mohammad Javad    2011-05-14
6    Optimal placement of distributed generating units To Improve Reliability And Power Quality With Time Varying Load    M.Sc.    Foroughi, Mohammad Javad    2011-07-03
7    Low Power, Leakage Tolerant and High Performance Dynamic Circuit Design for High Fan-in Gates of Modern Microprocessors in Nano-Scale CMOS Technology    Ph.D    Asyaei, Mohammad    2011-11-21
8    Reliability Improvementof Distributed Detection and Estimation in ClusteredWireless Sensor Networks    Ph.D    Javadi, Seyed Hamed    2011-11-27
9    Reliability evaluation of grid connected wind turbine power electronics    M.Sc.    jabbary, hossein    2012-05-21
10    Overhead Line Maintenance Scheduling in Power Distribution System Considering Feeder Ranking    M.Sc.    ghasemabadi, hadi    2012-12-08
11    Low power and reliable SRAM and STT-MRAM memory design with FinFET    Ph.D    FARKHANI, HOOMAN    2013-03-07
12    reliability evaluation of DC to Ac converters and presentation of procedure for reliability increasment.    M.Sc.    khedmatgozar, mohammad    2013-04-13
13    New approach to evaluate the reliability of logic circuits to soft errors at the gate level    Ph.D    hamiyati vaghef, vahid    2013-05-30
14    Reliability Evaluation of Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks using FS-TRG Propagation Model    M.Sc.    marvi, mohammad    2013-06-03
15    Reliability on VCSELs    M.Sc.    NAEEMI, MOHAMMAD ALI    2013-06-15
16    Design and Simulation of a graphene Based STT-RAM cell    Ph.D    varghani, ali    2014-06-13
17    Reliability/Cost Evaluation of sub-transmission System with PV/Wind/Battery and EV Consideration    M.Sc.    Hasankhoie, Mortaza    2014-06-14
18    mobile anchor path planning improvement algorithm in wireless sensor network localization considering energy constraint and environmental obstacles    Ph.D    kouroshnezhad, sahar    2014-10-26
19    Modeling and simulation of partial discharge phenomena in high voltage cables instead of testing    M.Sc.    Akbari, Reza    2014-12-06
20    Design and Modeling of High Frequency Tunneling Field Effect Transistors    Ph.D    marjani, saeid    2015-01-20
21    The Effect of Wireless Communications Approaches in the Reliability of Smart Microgrids and Implementation on a Special Microgrid    M.Sc.    Vazifedan, Sadegh    2015-05-09
22    Optimal planning of electric vehicle charging stations considering traffic constraints: a case study in the city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Rahighi, Alireza    2016-02-19
23    A New Model for the Remaining Life of Transformers Based on Data Obtained from Transformer Oil Conditions    M.Sc.    shooshtari, Ali    2016-05-25
24    Reliability evaluation of interconnected systems of Iran and Iraq under generation uncertainties    M.Sc.    Brayyich, Mohammed    2016-06-11
25    Design and Simulation of Digital Circuit based on TFET (Tunneling Field Effect Transistor)    M.Sc.    Tehranian, Armin    2016-06-18
26    Technical and Economic Analysis of Distribution Substation Automation and Reliability Improvement at Khorasan Regional Substations    M.Sc.    noruzian, jahangir    2016-06-25
27    Design of an SRAM cell based on the tunneling device    M.Sc.    fani, seyyed hamid    2016-06-25
28    Wearable Seizure Detection System with Low Power Consumption    Ph.D    Nasserian, Mahshid    2016-07-10
29    mostly digital time based sigma-delta analog to digital converter    Ph.D    jamshidi, paria    2016-07-11
30    Algorithm and Hardware Development for Pain Detection from Facial Images in Patients with Cerebral Palsy Using Convolutional Deep Belief Network    Ph.D    Kharghanian, Reza    2016-09-08
31    Partial discharge classification and localization at cross-bonded XLPE cable    M.Sc.    esmaeelnia, ali    2016-10-01
32    Improvement of reliability by reducing power outages in the 11kV power distrbution network of Fuhood city - Thi-qar province / Iraq    M.Sc.    alshaheen, mohammed    2016-10-15
33    Optimal placement of fault indicators in the medium distribution network 11 KV substation 33KV Malaab in the Diwaniyah province of Iraq to improve ENS ,CAIDI and SAIDI    M.Sc.    Almohana, hasan    2016-12-18
34    dfgdfg    M.Sc.    Kameh, MahdiKameh, Mahdi    2017-01-14
35    The Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking Optimization and Simulation With PSO Algorithm in MATLAB    M.Sc.    fakoor yusefian, amir    2017-03-11
36    Enhancing the Parallelism of Convolutional Neural Networks via a New Convolutional Operator Layer    M.Sc.    Memarian, Hossein    2017-05-06
37    Resiliency Improvement Planning of Distribution Networks Connected Microgrids under Extremely Harsh Environmental Conditions Resulting From Storm    Ph.D    najafi, javad    2017-11-02